Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird (R Upload Nitroflare)

This is, quite simply, one of the most impactful, poetic effects Vanishing Inc. has ever produced. A borrowed bill self-animates and crawls up your arm like a caterpillar. Then, it transforms into an origami butterfly! The folded butterfly can be immediately handed back to the spectator as a souvenir of an unforgettable magical experience.

The best part is that the effect is practical. You can perform it surrounded, and although it uses threads, the approach is entirely workable and easy to manage, and can be mastered within minutes.

Moneymorphosis is taught in detail on a video download of 29 minutes. This is the best self-folding bill ever devised, and is NOT something other magicians are doing. Get yours today… and add a transformational effect to your repertoire.

Moneymorphosis by Dallas Fueston and Jason Bird
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  1. Please re upload revolution,rubicon by gregory wilson and binary code 2 by rick lax.. links are not working. Please please please. Thnx for money morphosis.. you are the best.

  2. The requested file isn’t available anymore!
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  3. you can put the videos on the telegram to be able to download, (creates a channel) it’s an excellent app for this thansk!

  4. Can’t you upload again?please please please.

  5. Can you reup Moneymorphosis, please? Thx

  6. perhaps we need put this links in a secret forum or telegram or somenthing like this. Your website is great.

  7. Can you upload the encyclopedia of fire magic by alpha?

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