Tarbell 97: Magic of the Mind (only Premium)

Blindfold Card Reading: You’ll learn an underground card cheating technique that allows you to identify selected cards from a truly shuffled deck, while legitimately blindfolded.

The Devils Deck: Harlan teaches you to make a clever deck of cards that shows you exactly where any named card is, tells you which cards are missing, and helps you find any four-of-a-kind.

Bank Night Revisited: Harlan’s updated spin on the perennial favorite, Bank Night, where everybody wins big money, but you always get to keep the top prize.

Dr. Bridges’ Thought Projection: A word is randomly chosen, and you reveal your prediction is the page number where it appears in the dictionary. Plus, the word is circled!

The Chess Knights Tour: Blindfolded with your head turned away, you’re able to call out every move your helper needs to make for a perfect knight’s tour of the chessboard.

The Tarbell Rapid Memory Act: You’ll learn to demonstrate your super-memory skills by instantly recalling twenty random items in any order, forwards or backwards.


Tarbell 97: Magic of the Mind (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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  1. Please can you upload lopez by mario lopez ? You are the best boys keep going !! We need some coin magic and cigarette magic 😀

    Lopez by mario lopez pleeeeeease :3

    Premium of curse !!!

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