Rune Klan – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Rune Klan Masterclass - Rune Klan - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A once-in-a-lifetime chance to step directly into the workshop of one of magic’s most creative magicians.

When we created our Vanishing Inc. Masterclass program, we had three goals in mind: teach world-class magic, spark creativity, and help you become a better overall magician. The “Rune Klan Masterclass” checks all three boxes with ease.

Rune Klan is a genuine superstar in his native Denmark. He’s also Joshua Jay’s favorite magician—a sentiment echoed by essentially the entire Vanishing Inc. team. If you’re not familiar yet,

you’re guaranteed to become a fan after watching the “Rune Klan Masterclass.”

Across two full-length lectures, you’ll get a firsthand look at Rune’s one-of-a-kind approach to creating and performing magic. It’s charming, funny, and filled with amazing effects, as well as invaluable wisdom that will change how you approach your own performances. Rune’s childlike joy and love for magic is infectious (as is seeing our Andi Gladwin be equally giddy with delight.)

Highlights Include:

  • Rune’s signature rope trick that he’s used for two decades as his go-to effect when he needs to quickly impress an audience
  • His commercial Fakini Balls routine that is essentially a mini masterclass on how to perform manipulation while also remaining connected to your audience
  • Thumb Tip work that serves as a breath of fresh air for the beloved utility
  • A unique and refreshing Slydini’s Knotted Silks routine that showcases the immense possibilities of expanding your thinking about classic ideas

Most importantly though, you’ll walk away from both sessions with an understanding of what makes Rune so special and how it can be applied to your own magic. You’ll discover how to take a step back from magic and methods to see the larger picture that will help you grow as an overall artist.

If you still have questions after the first two sessions, bring them to Session 3 where you can ask them directly to Rune during a live Q&A on Zoom.

Special Bonus

As a special free bonus, this Masterclass also comes with two professionally-filmed recordings of Rune’s most recent shows. These are a real treat to watch and will leave you brimming with inspiration.

Get all three sessions and the bonus content for one low price. New customers can even try it all for just $1/£1 by subscribing to our Masterclass Monthly trial.


All sessions start at 4:00pm ET (NYC time)

  • Session 1 – April 7, 2024
  • Session 2 – April 14, 2024
  • Live Q&A on Zoom – April 21, 2024

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