Total Control by Matt Mello

Using only a single index card and an ordinary pen, you can guess or predict ANY thought; any drawing, any word, any number, any card,

any shape, any color…ANYTHING!

The main effect is that a spectator visualizes an ‘imagined’ image on a normal index card, and the performer is instantly able to draw it. This can be presented as direct mind reading, subliminal influence, or even a prediction or open prediction.

Here are some points to get your gears turning:

-The performer can reveal the thought to the audience before the participant ever says anything out loud

-Nothing is ever written down by the participant

-No extra index cards are used or switched in

-No Fishing or Anagrams

-No Peeking

-No Pre-Show

-No Stooging or Instant Stooging

-No Dual Reality

-No Gimmicks

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