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PSYWARE by Matt Mello (PDF)

PSYWARE by Matt Mello - Book

What is Psyware?

Psyware is Matt Mello’s groundbreaking approach to propless name guessing and star sign divinations.

The effect begins with a stranger thinking of a common female name, preferably someone whom they know. You go through a very fair and open process that allows the performer to provide a personality reading or fortune telling effect. Following this reading, the performer can accurately guess the thought-of name.

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People Skills by Matt Mello (PDF)

People Skills is a demonstration in which you predict the decisions a person will make on a crowd of people. Your main participant openly chooses if people will go to the left side of the stage, the right side of

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Imaginary Ball by Matt Mello

“Like NOTHING you’ve seen before”

“Matt Mello has discovered something new.”

The holy grail of mentalism is to perform with nothing but your mind. That dream is now a reality with The Imaginary Ball.

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