State of Mind by Matt Mello (PDF) (only Premium)

State of Mind is a collection of psychological effects that approach real mind reading. Some of this work is genuine mind reading, achieved in a very surefire, organic way.

Here is a brief description of the contents:

Mental Bending – A participant is given a quarter to hold–or any metal coin–and you cause them to feel the coin change shape in their fist; altering and bending the person’s mental image of what they’re holding. I won’t say anything more than that, but the routine takes a crazy twist at the end. I would prefer if purchasers were fairly vague about what happens in this routine, as there is no other psychokinetic metal plot like this on the market. This is not a coin bend, nor is it a mental coin bend. I won’t give away the surprise, but this comes across as the real thing, and I’m confident in saying that it’s worth the price of this manuscript all on it’s own.

Mental Bending is the only effect which uses a gimmick; which is easy to make. The rest of the effects featured in this book are achieved through genuine psychological manipulation techniques.

The Line Test – A drawing prediction effect, presented under the guise of a psychological test–similar to an inkblot test.

Heritage – This is one approach to an impromptu name guess. A participant states the names of three women that are important to them, and imagines them standing in front of her. She focuses on one, and you are able to guess their relationship to her, i.e. mother/grandmother/etc, as well as figuring out their name. There are many different ways that this idea can be presented, allowing you to truly be in your spectator’s heads for a few moments.

Instrumental – This progresses from the concept in Heritage, using it to guess what instrument a person may play. This can also be adapted to guess a person’s past and current job profession, favorite color, what sport they may play, what kind of car they drive, and a myriad of other things. This concept opens the doors to real mind reading, revealing relevant and personal information.

Mind Matrix – A practical system to accurately guess thoughts a person is merely thinking of, never saying their thought aloud or writing it down. This is a very subtle advance from the real mind reading methodology of Instrumental. Mind Matrix just takes it one step further.

Solar System – A simple, personal reading system that starts and ends completely clean, providing fantastic results. With no pumping for information, they mentally focus on a subject of their secret choosing, and you are able to divine and describe their concerns, or what they are interested in hearing about.

A Subtle Afterthought – A subtle forcing technique that can be applied to a variety of effects.

The Hidden Temple – This is a method to know when a person is thinking of something. So the performer can call out any variety of items aloud, and is able to tell which item the spectator is thinking of.

Ideomaster – New thoughts on reading the ideomotor response and how to amplify one’s sensitivity to it.

State of Mind is an 81 page PDF DOWNLOAD, and will be priced higher than many of my other releases, due to the nature of the content held within. It is my hope that the higher price will limit the spread of information, keeping this material contained to a tighter group of serious mentalists looking to learn techniques of mental manipulation.


State of Mind by Matt Mello (PDF) (only Premium)
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