Shrapnel by Kim Anderson

Shrapnel - Kim Andersen - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

A time-tested classic reimagined to serve as the perfect everyday carry for the modern performer.

Inspired the iconic “Linking Pins” (which popularized by Jerry Andrus), Kim Andersen has created an organic powerhouse effect that you will want to carry with you everywhere. These two everyday objects are all you need to leave every person you meet speechless.

Using just a safety pin and a finger ring (which can even be borrowed if you’d like), you can perform a hard-hitting series of visual miracles—each one more impossible than the last. Right in front

of their eyes, the ring and safety pin melt through each other like a warm knife through butter. Each phase happens at your command until finally the safety pin and ring unlink for the final time.

Here’s the craziest part…everything can then be examined.

“Shrapnel” is like movie magic in real life. But it’s NOT just another social media magic trick. This is a practical and commercial worker designed to be performed in your close-up magic and street magic sets.

You get everything you need to start performing “Shrapnel” right away, including two precision-made gimmicked pins, a custom carrying tin, a finger ring and some extra accessories. The two hour detailed video from creator Kim Anderson features multiple live performances and highlights everything you need to know in great detail.

Pull the pin and make their brains explode with “Shrapnel.” A must-have everyday carry magic trick. Get yours today!



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