THE GUILD by Danny Goldsmith membership (ALL Video)


The Guild

What is it?

The Guild monthly membership is an online community of magicians who want to grow, have fun and learn how to best offer a profound state of wonder to others.  You’ll engage with Danny and the community through online video calls and chat rooms.  Rediscover wonder through the Video Library – full of creative new ideas. And so much more…

Who is it for?

The Guild is a community for magicians of all skill levels.  Whether you’re a beginner looking for foundational material or an advanced practitioner seeking to hone your craft, the Guild is a place for you to grow, be seen, and discover your innate gifts. With ever-evolving content catered to your interests, Danny encourages all members to engage and make requests so that we can shape this amazing community together.

What You’ll Get:

1. Live Workshops with Danny

Twice a month Danny will host a live, interactive workshop with the community on different topics and interests.  Members will get a chance to ask questions and show what they are working on and workshop their ideas and routines with Danny for everyone to benefit from. In these workshops you’ll learn:

  • Danny’s original techniques and creations

  • Everything from fundamentals to advanced techniques

  • Drills and exercises to enhance your dexterity

  • Psychology of the spectator’s mind

  • The neuroscience of practice and perception

  • How to discover your innate creativity

  • Scripting and presentation-building

  • Genuine character building

  • How to invoke impactful states of wonder in your audience

At the beginning of every month, Danny will announce the two workshop dates.  The days of the week will vary month to month to offer a wide range of availability.  On each of these two days, two sessions will be offered to accommodate different schedules. 

Workshop Sessions:

Dates: To be announced on a month to month basis (2 days per month with 2 sessions per day)

Morning Session: 8-11am EST

Evening Session: 8-11pm EST

2. Access to the Video Library

Here you’ll gain access to video instructions where Danny will teach creative pieces of magic including everything from new sleights to psychological principles.  You’ll learn new ideas and creations for all skill levels and you can review the material at your own pace, on your own time.  Three+ new videos will be added every month!

Foundational Techniques

Learn the foundational skills necessary to get started in coin magic or to polish up on your fundamentals.  Complete with Danny’s own creative takes, style and theory.

Advanced Techniques

Learn advanced skills, drills and exercises to move your magic forward. You’ll learn the neuroscience of building dexterity and creating new habits, as well as Danny’s original routines and fun presentations.

New Creations

Learn new, original ideas from Danny not found anywhere else–unique pieces of magic that you can use to enhance your routines.  Danny will post a minimum of three new creations every month.

Project-Exclusive Bonus Material

For each of Danny’s original projects that you own you’ll be able to access bonus material where Danny shares additional creative ideas and variations.

An entire Video Library always at your fingertips!

3. Online Community Forum

Gain access to the Guild Discord.  Available 24/7, this is an exclusive space with chat rooms and video rooms to gather, learn, share, practice, create and discuss as a community. Jump in and out whenever you like. You’ll gain access to this space only available to Guild members where you can:

  • Engage in and start your own chat rooms

  • Post videos for feedback

  • Jump on video calls with the community

  • Join in on or start jam sessions

  • Join community practice sessions

  • Hangout and talk magic

5. Impromptu Hangouts with Danny

Danny will be live on the forum often throughout the month, so if you ever miss something you were looking forward to, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to connect with him and:

  • Review material

  • Ask questions

  • Learn new techniques

  • Have creative jam sessions

  • Get feedback

Danny will jump on the forum at various times of day to accommodate all time zones and schedules.

Secret Rooms & Bonus Material

If you own any of Danny’s original creations from his site (Optical, Mythos, Modus, Homage etc.) you will gain instant access to the secret rooms associated with those project.  In these exclusive rooms, Danny will answer questions, give tips, expound on his ideas from each project and offer bonus material not available anywhere else.  You’ll also be able to practice, discuss and share tips any time you like with other Guild members who have access.

What We Stand For:

The Guild is a community for magicians who are interested in gifting both themselves and their audiences an unforgettable experience–an inherent state of mind which can connect us directly with the state of wonder, creativity and beauty.  In order to nurture our understanding of this phenomenal experience we call magic and discover the true essence of wonder, we’ll do our best to work with our egos and the neurosis that exists in the magic community.  We will all work to create a container that is kind, supportive and focused on benefiting our audiences as well as our fellow magicians.  Although we will primarily focus on coins, we will also look at other forms of magic so that we can improve in every aspect of our art.  This is a relaxed community where you will always have access to support, resources, and new material to grow at your own pace.


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