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With ‘Not-A-Lotto’ you will have a set of lottery ticket images on your phone that look like the real deal. These lottery tickets are a mentalism utility tool you will always have with you.

Here is what the effect looks like:


The performer removes a phone and displays a set of ten losing lottery tickets while explaining to the participant that he never wins because he can read humans, not lottery machines.

Handing the phone to the participant, she chooses any of these losing lottery tickets and randomly chooses any six numbers from the ticket and adds them together.

Without the participant saying a single word, the performer can tell the participant what numbers she is thinking of.

‘Not-A-Lotto’ is not an App, but a set of high-resolution images that you will need to download to your smartphone. Once on your smartphone, you will be able to perform ‘Not-A-Lotto’ at any time, anywhere, as no internet connection is needed. The high-resolution images allow for increased zoom capacity, meaning those with poor eyesight can still participate in this effect.

In order to provide you with the most realistic lottery ticket to match your local lottery, there are 800 lottery ticket images to choose from. These cover a different amount of ball numbers, colours of the tickets, currency symbols and if you would like a transparent cheat sheet or not.

Due to some worldwide lottery draws only going up to the number 49, consideration was used to create tickets where the highest number is 45.

There are more hidden effects that you can do with the ‘Not-A-Lotto’ tickets. One of the coolest things is that you can tell a second participant what dream holiday location she is thinking of going to if she wins the lottery. But that is only one of the other potential options you will read about in the detailed PDF.

You get a five-minute  ‘Not-A-Lotto’ quick start video guide that will give you a basic overview of the effect. It will also inform you how to choose the correct set of tickets for your country and personal preference.

After watching this video, you will perform ‘Not-A-Lotto’ quite comfortably. However, for more detailed information and subtleties, be sure to read through the  PDF guide.

Included in your purchase is a 40 page PDF with 30 illustrations that will make every step of the process crystal clear. Inside the PDF, several subtleties will allow you to perform ‘Not-A-Lotto’ for multiple people simultaneously and even more variations.

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