Billets for the Modern Mindreader vol.4 by Julien LOSA (Video+PDF)

In vol.4 you will learn :

– Zephyr by Cervier : a GREAT impromptu which hand/liar/truth-teller routine that works 100% of the time (no logic puzzle, no tricky body-language to decipher) followed by a drawing duplication!

– Dead Name Duplication by Theodore Annemann : You know about Tervil by Orville Meyer, right ? This was the inspiration and it is BETTER. I give you Annemann’s handling and my approach

to this great, deadly fast, telepathy demonstration.

– Name & Plate : We all know about Name & Place by the great Bob Cassidy !! But what if you could do it COMPLETELY impromptu ? And give back both billets to your spectators ? I give you Name and… Plate.

[Note : as usual you don’t need to purchase anything else in order to perform the routines taught in this video]

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