Look, Ma, No Cards! by Cameron Francis

Ten effects featuring coins, Sharpies and business cards.
(but no playing cards!)

From the pages of the British IBM magazine The Budget

10 tricks from Cameron’s acclaimed column in the British IBM magazine The Budget.

This was his third consecutive column…but this time, there was a specific mandate: NO CARD TRICKS!

In the pages of this all-new 33-page PDF, you’ll find hard-hitting, practical, easy-to-do miracles with coins, Sharpies, business cards and other ordinary objects.

Every one of these are high-impact effects that require only very basic sleights.


Hold On – The magician introduces a coin holder and has it examined. A quarter is borrowed; it melts into the coin holder which may then be handed out for complete examination and even kept by the spectator!

The Signed Coin – A signed coin-to-impossible-location effect inspired by Brother John Hamman’s The Signed Card.

Humming Words – 12 business cards with 12 different letters drawn on their backs are mixed by a spectator. The magician turns his back and the spectator creates a word. Without turning around or fishing at all, the magician correctly divines the word! Includes a stunning prediction kicker ending.

The Unfolding – A super-commercial business card transposition.

Copper, Silver, Ring – A copper/silver routine involving a borrowed ring. A serious crowd pleaser.

Who’s Laughing Now? – A fun and simple prediction effect with a major surprise at the end!

Shades of Silver – Shadow coins using only four coins and no gimmicks; features a backfire ending.

COAT – Five objects are drawn on the backs of five business cards. The spectator chooses one, and the magician shows he’s predicted it in a really novel way. A great trick to carry around in your wallet!

Where Eagles Dare – First time ever in print. A silver coin is signed and placed between two copper coins for safe keeping. Without any funny moves, the signed coin vanishes. The spectator then removes it from the magician’s pocket.

Compact Sharpie – First time in print. The magician removes a Sharpie cap with a tiny bit of a Sharpie sticking out of it; he then shakes the cap and a full sized Sharpie appears. The Sharpie is instantly examinable!

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