Hypercard Project by Tom Frame

“Tom, I truly enjoyed your collection of others’ and your own contributions to the Hypercard effects. I have some Hypercard ideas of my own and there are a few ideas from your book that I’d like to incorporate into my routine. Great job!” – Daryl

“Being a dedicated anthologizer, eulogizer, compiler and collector of the weird and wonderful artifacts in magicdom, The Hypercard Project massaged my heart. It is more than a treatise. It is a robust kit that deconstructs, constructs and converts a very interesting puzzle into vital, entertaining, mind-warping applications. Don’t delay. Get ‘hyper’ now!”  – Jon Racherbaumer

“Tom Frame’s ‘Son of Hyper-Warp’ artfully blends one of my favorite two-card routines with one of my favorite impossible objects; he has created the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup of magic. While I’m sure you’ll be happy if you get a copy of The Hypercard Project, I’ll be much happier if you don’t.” – Michael Weber

“Tom, your “Son of Hyper-Warp” is one of the best ideas to come along in a long time. Very commercial! I use it often on the bar at the Little Club here in Coronado, CA. Your thinking and handling sets this effect above the rest!” – J.C. Wagner

In this book you will learn how to do many different Hypercard Projects.

Such as:
Winged Hypercard
The Hypercard Experiments
Minimal Sculptures
The Gaff
Son Of Hyper-Warp

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