ID7 by Rick Lax

A letter from Rick Lax:

Life is different now. People recognize me in public. It’s weird. I’ll be sitting at the coffee shop doing some work and somebody will walk up to me and say, “Aren’t you the Facebook magic guy?”

When I reply, “Yes I am,” they ask to see a trick.

But if I show them a card trick, they say, “No. I want you to READ MY MIND, like you do on Facebook. Can you do THAT?”

Yes I can.

A year ago, I began searching for THE PERFECT MIND READING DEMONSTRATION. Something that I could do ANYWHERE, at ANY TIME. Something that DOESN’T USE PEN OR PAPER. I wanted a trick I’d be proud to perform for the smartest and most skeptical of audiences…

That’s how I came to ID7.


You hand the spectator 7 ‘invisible dice.’ She rolls them onto the floor. She ‘looks at’ what numbers come up (really she’s just picking randomly). She punches the results into her cell phone calculator. Then she multiplies that number until it grows into a
GIANT random number.

She focuses on each digit of her randomly-generated giant number…you peer into her


1) This is not a force. The spectator begins the trick with a totally free selection and
ends the trick with a truly random number.

2) You never touch the spectator’s cell phone calculator and you never peek at it.
You can do this trick over the phone if you want to.

3) You do not have to ‘fish’ for any numbers. There is no guesswork. This trick
works 100% of the time, with no mistakes and no awkward questions.

Because you reveal multiple digits, one at a time, the trick’s drama builds and BUILDS. But this isn’t just a trick YOU’LL WANT TO PERFORM. It’s a trick you’ll ACTUALLY PERFORM because you don’t have to carry anything with you. All you need to do the trick is a cell phone calculator. (And EVERYBODY has a cell phone with a calculator on it.)

So the next time somebody recognizes YOU in a coffee shop and asks you to read their mind, you’ll be ready. 😉
-Rick Lax

Special thanks to John Leslie, Michael W. Ecker, D. R., Kaprekar

ID7 by Rick Lax
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