Lior Manor LIVE (Penguin LIVE)

“Lior Manor may not be well known in the magic world, but that’s because he’s too busy flying around the world (always in First Class) doing shows for major corporations. He is known, however, to the elite of the magic and mentalism world. I have been to several of his lectures and, often, most of the attendees are other leading professionals. They come because they know Lior shares workable, money-making ideas that have been proven in the real world. He teaches the way he performs – with passion and with great humor. He’s not to be missed!”Ken Weber

“Lior is and has been one of the driving forces in mentalism for over three decades. His is also a master trade show performer, MC and perhaps the best product promotion experts in magic. I have a prediction…his lecture will change your life!”Bob Kohler

“Lior was one of the first Mentalism Lecturers I saw a decade ago and recently I saw his most recent lecture; both were amazing and inspiring. They were full of real life working material as he is one of the busiest workers on the planet. Rightfully so, as he is at the top of his field. This is a rare event to see him when you can.” – Craig Filicetti

“A creative mind, a master mentalist, a wonderful humor. He is the genuine deal. He is loved and amazes internationally. Now you can find out why. International star power, a league of his own, and so funny.”Marc Salem

“I traveled from Australia to New York specifically to attend a one day lecture with Lior. He has a knack of taking strong effects and framing them into powerful commercial blockbusters.”Timothy Hyde, Corporate MC, Australia

“Lior is one of the most commercially successful mentalists of our time. He’s always in demand, all over the world. He has great insights and material to share and, as well as all that, he’s one of the nicest guys in the business. Watch, enjoy and learn from one of the top professionals in the world.”Ian Rowland

“Lior Manor is out there in the field performing. Any material he markets is guaranteed to be solid working material. Not only is his material consistently high caliber, it’s also contemporary and perfectly suited for today’s corporate market. Big Trivia, Talk To The Screen, Mobile Opener are all great effects for almost any corporate event. If you care to describe these effects to a prospective client, they realize that you know what you’re talking about, that you understand the industry, and they book you. I would unhesitatingly recommend all of Lior’s material.”Derek Heron

“Having known Lior for more than 10 years, and having attended his exclusive 6 hour workshop in New York City, I can unequivocally state that Lior is the real deal. In Lior’s lecture, you will find routines that have been audience tested at trade shows and corporate events for years. No pipe dreams here. This is your chance to learn the real work from a professional who uses this material on a daily basis.”Seth Kramer

“Lior Manor is a true genius. Not only he did invent some of the world’s most powerful mentalism effects and routines, he is also a brilliant performer with tons of experience in the real world! Lior is one of the people thanks to whom I am a successful mentalist today.”Haim Goldenberg

“When Lior Manor speaks, I listen, I learn, and I laugh. Besides being one of my favorite people, Lior has an extraordinary knowledge of magic, mentalism, and business. Simply put, Lior is the best! He is one of the world’s best performers and marketers. I currently use several of Lior ideas on both on my stage and in my business. On two separate occasions I have traveled 1/2 way around the world to experience a lecture by Lior. Now all you have to do is “click” to spend an evening learning from the master. This is an opportunity that is not to be missed.”Jon Stetson

“Lior is the teacher’s teacher. When Lior speaks, the world’s top mentalists stop and listen. His clever ideas and original thinking are highly commercial and solid gold.”Brett Barry

“Lior is a brilliant thinker, a clean, to-the-point thinker, a real worker who makes a healthy living doing what we all want to do, and he does it that well. Always the hit of any convention and the hit of any corporate show or trade show. This is a lecture where you will simply want to listen and absorb. Plus, he is a funny, nice guy.” Banachek

What will he teach?

Stealing your thoughts??? – The audience thinks that they know what is happening, but they don’t… This is the “paper balls over the head” of mentalism.

Strong and Weak 10 minutes of laughs and amazement while you reveal the first kiss of a woman.

Watch the swatch – Another watch routine that is very bold but visual. Real mind reading. For stage and close up.

How to open a show and involve all the audience – The “Mobile Opener” variations. A mental magic routine with an interesting revelation.

Stop your Pulse – How to make a simple effect into a big effect on a television show. A lesson on how to work with script writers. People that are not mentalists or magicians can see outside the box.

The logical Invisible Deck – An interesting process and presentation for the invisible deck.

Effects for the MC in a conference

Effects for the close up mentalists (voodoo)

Match the die – A routine that was invented only 2 month ago. I have used it in every show since then. Learn how I worked on the development and try to perfect it.

Lior Manor LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
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