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Vuja De by Rick Lax

“A series of powerful illusions” -Rick Lax

“This is the type of trick I can imagine someone like Greg Wilson winning FISM with. It gives you everything you need to have FUN with people.” -Maxwell Murphy

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Money Comes & Goes by Rick Lax

A “bank-night” style trick is one where a magician tries to influence spectators into making choices that have lower value, typically from among 4+ options, leaving the option(s) with the highest value for the magician.

Most bank-nights use envelopes as the “choices”, and each envelope hides some amount of money. After all the choices are made, there is a “big reveal” at the end. That in itself is fine, except the process of choosing between seemingly similar envelopes is ultimately random and boring. But historically, it’s been a sacrifice magicians have made because the pay-off is usually worth it.

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Mnemonica Trainer by Rick Lax (only Premium)

“I tried for months and I couldn’t do it, and I’ve met other people like me. And for the first time, I was able to memorize Mnemonica. Now, it’s my FAVORITE THING to perform. It is what I have the MOST FUN performing, and it’s all thanks to Rick Lax’s Mnemonica memory system.” –Justin Flom

“The most fooled I have EVER been by a magic trick. I could not BEGIN to explain what was going on.”Rick Lax

Watch the trailer. Rick Lax’s new video will unlock the most powerful card magic system in the world, and have you ready to learn magic that simply can’t be explained.

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Return Flight by Rick Lax (only Premium)

“You NEVER do the same trick twice, unless it’s this one.” -Rick Lax

This one’s not an instant download. We’re going to send you a little something you need, but boy-oh-boy is it worth it.

Multiple phases each more impossible than the last. Crazy powerful, standing ovation caliber card magic from Rick Lax.
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