Docc Hilford – The Devil’s Own Pellet Test (Video+Audio)

NEW Update… The FAR OUT Routine

An amazing triple deminstration that is more advanced than any of its kind before.
BONUS… A full lecture on the psychology of the Triple Prediction/Demonstration.
Sometime in the 1920s, the amazing center tear was discovered by magicians and sold worldwide.

Over the years it’s become ubiquitous, exposed in hundreds of books and videos.
But the REAL underground secret of professional mediums was never shared.
They called it the Pellet Test.
It remained so secret, that it was only heard about by magicians and was mistakenly dismissed as the same thing as a billet.
For example, Ted Annemann incorrectly called his three billet trick, The Three Pellet Test.
Al Baker made the same mistake.
But Anna Eva Fay, Helena Blavatsky and Dr. A. used The Devil’s Own Pellet Test.
The Devil’s Own Pellet Test is so convincing, that the thought of manipulation NEVER occurs to the client.
Here’s what it looks like.
A piece of random scrap paper, like a small corner of a napkin is used.
The client stealthily writes a name on it and rolls it into a tight little ball; a pellet if you like.
The medium doesn’t appear to ever handle the tiny wad of paper.
About the size of a pea, the pellet can be tossed away, burned or, like most experts prefer, it can be kept by the sitter.
Without visible moves and within seconds, the medium has clearly read the name while the little ball never leaves the sitter’s sight!
Imagine undetectably reading thoughts for dozens of people at your favorite pub, bar or party!
When you learn the inside secrets of The Devil’s Own Pellet Test, you’ll be able to read thoughts anywhere, surrounded and with NOTHING prepared.
The Devil’s Own Pellet Test is infinitely less conspicuous than a folded piece of card.
For one-on-one psychic work, NOTHING is better.
The laziness of most magi has brought them to using automatic peek wallets, that seldom look better than a magic trick.
We live in an age where computerized pens are common knowledge.
With The Devil’s Own Pellet Test you can lean into the simplest, most natural and seemingly transparent method of thought reading ever developed.
The Devil’s Own Pellet Test is more than a trick or routine, it’s a full tutorial, teachong all the manipulative secrets and psychological reasoning that creates the illusion of true thought reading.
By clicking the purchase button, you accept the understanding to a confidentiality agreement.
You agree not to share this secret on line, my word of mouth or any other known or unknown method.
We MUST keep this really secret.
There’s still a great underground network of pellet mediums and we must respect that they have kept the secret for so long, by keeping it ourselves.

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