Dr. Sawa – Envelope Coin

Envelope Coin by Dr. Sawa | New Item | SEO MAGIC

Envelope Coin: This new principle gimmick coin will surprise you.

Kissing Coin: They are 2 set of magnetic double face coin

In this DVD, 5 routines are explained.

Coin Quintet: A coin changes 5 times by using “Envelope Coin” and “Kissing Coin”.

Flying Coin:
Japanese Old Wado-Kaichin coin vanish completely. The feature of “Envelope Coin” allows you to perform this miracle easily.

Blow Out:
3 coins vanish and reappear from pocket. All Coins are examinable.
Provide your own regular (ungimmicked) English penny and (ungimmicked) Kenney Half Dollar to perform this routine. If don’t have these regular (ungimmicked) coins, you can add them to your order, from below. 1 (ungimmicked) Old Japanese coin, which is Wado Kaichin, is included.

Japanese Old Wado-Kaichin coin penetrates magician’s hand. Another miracle with “Envelope Coin”, It’s very visual penetration.

Japanese Coin:
Half Dollar, English Penny, Wado-Kaichin. These 3 coins transform to Japanese Coins one by one.
Japanese current coins are used in demo video. You can use any coins, such as US coins, Euro Coins, UK Coins, etc… please provide your own coins.

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