Visual coin across by Marc Antoine De

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NOTE: No prior knowledge of coin magic is required to perform this effect.

The effect: Using a sharpie, a symbol is drawn on a borrowed coin. A regular coin is introduced, and the two coins are shown on both sides. With a shake, they visually transpose at the fingertips. They are once again shown on both sides, and handed to the spectator for examination.

VCA is easy to do, instant reset and virtually impromptu. Best of all, it uses two ungimmicked coins, it’s instantly examinable and there’s nothing to add, ditch or palm.

3 handlings are taught in 17 minutes of clear instructions shot in 1080p. Draw any symbol, use the spectator’s initials or perform a dazzling tranposition in their hand. 4 extra ideas using the same concept are shared, along with 5 subtleties that make the effect even more convincing.

The color of the coin doesn’t matter, but it is recommended to use a color that will contrast with the ink. The perfect size for the coin is a silver half-dollar.

Visual coin across by Marc Antoine De
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