The Vault – Shape Shifter by Shin Lim and Riccardo Negroni

The most magical coin and ring Spellbound you will ever do! The two items appear to transform into one another in a most visual manner, back and forth. Astounding to watch!

Shin Lim flew all the way to Milan, Italy to meet up with the underground legend, Riccardo Negroni.

There he witnessed an incredibly unique Spellbound routine using an un-gimmicked ring and coin.

What you see here is a fully realized routine into which he put many years of thought, real world practice and experience. This is Riccardo’s go-to routine to perform. And now it’s yours to learn.

The Vault – Shape Shifter by Shin Lim and Riccardo Negroni
Download : Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )



  1. reupload this please!

  2. why men why you acting like this you removed all free links i you don’t want us to learn or you want to make money remove the free sign from you’r website

  3. All the links are dead (again), what a shame this used to be such a great site.

  4. Thanks!! But the video is lagging and crash in all players. Can you fix this? , please 😀

  5. Yeah i also noticed the lagging video. Also for cm3.

  6. Please re uoload to rapidgator or uploaded
    link is down

  7. Re-upload please, Links not working 🙁

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