Green Magic Lennart Green Vol. 2

* The Poker Deal – From a shuffled deck, Lennart deals five killer poker hands~ two full houses, four-of-a-kind, a straight flush and a royal flush! This effect is easy to learn.

* The Temple of Shiva – A magical and mystical routine painted against the backdrop of a spectator’s life, dreams and future. A true showpiece of magic. As the story unfolds, te shuffled deck magically separates in an amazing order, telling the spectator’s fortune!

* Deceptive Perception featuring The Mirror Count – No matter which card a spectator selects, it is always the odd card! Very magical and inherently humorous. The Mirror Count is an invaluable utility move.

* The One-Two Separation – From an audience-shuffled deck, Lennart magically separates the cards into reds and blacks, incredibly isolating a thought-of card several times along the way.

* False Angle Riffle Shuffle – One of the most deceptive false shuffles ever!

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