Tricks For Thoughts by Giacomo Bigliardi (Video+PDF)

Welcome to Tricks for Thoughts.

Tricks for Thoughts is my most comprehensive project ever. It is not about a single routine or a sleight. It is about magic, in all its different forms. I have spent months trying to work out a way to create a unique project that truly felt like magic. Both the content and the format of Tricks for Thoughts will surprise you in many unexpected ways.


Tricks for Thoughts includes a huge variety of material. You can imagine it as a book split into seven chapters. Or as a movie split into seven parts. The choice is yours.

  • Chapter 1 – Lies

This is the very first routine I have ever created. Since then, it has been the closer of my lecture, and one of the most memorable pieces of cardmagic I perform both to laypeople and magicians. This trick has the strongest kicker ending in my entire repertoire.

  • Chapter 2 – Impossible location

One of my go-to effects and a devastating magician fooler. A card is selected under test conditions, and found by the performer without touching the deck. You can even perform this trick from another room. You will be surprised both by the effect and the clever method, full of little touches and subtleties.

  • Chapter 3 – Magic and arts

A deep and sincere reflection on magic, along with comparisons to other performative and visual artforms. The aim: how to achieve real magic.

  • Chapter 4 – Chaotic production

The explanation of one of my most viral Instagram videos. A quick and direct ace location from a totally shuffled deck. Perfect for live performances too.

  • Chapter 5 – 20+2 things I have learnt in magic

A (not so serious) list of things I have learnt in my years doing magic. Deep recommendations, cynical opinions and a bit of humour. It’s a good one.

  • Chapter 6 – Plunger control

My favorite original card control. The selection is fairly inserted in the middle of the deck, and the cards are immediately left on the table. Yes. It’s that easy. The card is not controlled on top, not even on the bottom of the deck… it gets controlled in a position you may have never considered before, and that you will start using over and over.

  • Chapter 7

I will leave this as a surprise. Let’s just say it’s something you don’t expect…


Tricks for Thoughts is not a book, not even a video or an audio instructionalIt is an interactive pdf where you will find texts, videos and images. Every chapter is presented in a different format, thus creating a surprising and magical learning experience. This also allows the teaching to be the best possible, leaving no stones unturned. It is a unique format that has never been done in a magic release. Exciting, right?

For a long time, I have felt that focusing my effort on sharing method overshadowed my desire of sharing magic. This time, I want to get deeper and show you more than methods.

Embark on this journey with me and grab Tricks for Thoughts today!

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