To Your Credit by Harapan Ong

To Your Credit - Harapan Ong - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Like everyone at Vanishing Inc., Harapan Ong is passionate about crediting. So passionate that he’s written a book about it. So passionate he’s decided to give it away free.

In this 82-page ebook, Harapan explains the rules for crediting. The whys and wherefores and very practical methods to make sure you credit accurately when you publish.

He covers the problems with crediting, when and why one should credit, how to credit, crediting for moves, methods and effects, for presentation and context and more. No crediting stone is left unturned.

He explains how to research the history of something, how to ask for help and how to develop good habits.

If you’re at all interested in magic – and you probably are because you’re here – this is a must read.

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