Thought Plucker by Rick Lax

In a cartoon, when a guy gets a thought, a light bulb appears over his head. Now imagine that you could REACH INTO THAT LIGHT BULB, PULL

OUT THE LIGHT, PUT IT INTO YOUR BRAIN, and tell someone exactly what they’re thinking.

Stop imagining! You can really do it now, with Rick Lax’s THOUGHT PLUCKER.

Like with all of Rick’s creations, when you buy Thought Plucker, you’ll be getting much more than a single trick:

* You’ll receive the SPECIAL GIMMICK that allows you to illuminate any borrowed light bulb with your mind, then instantly show your hands empty. You’ll also learn Rick’s personal handling for this gimmick. (NOTE: The ‘old version’ of this gimmick is not nearly bright enough to properly illuminate a light bulb using Rick’s technique.)

* Intermediate and advanced magicians: You’re going to learn Rick’s personal notepad technique for determining a spectator’s chosen word. NO FISHING, NO GUESSING.

* Beginner magicians: You’re going to learn an even easier, bonus word force that you start performing as soon as you watch the download.

You’ll have instant access to the download so you’ll be able to start learning and practicing Rick’s mind reading techniques RIGHT AWAY. You’ll be ready to perform once your gimmick arrives by mail a few days later.

One thought, one word, and you can light up a whole room.

Download :  Uploaded | Rapidgator | Nitroflare (only Premium )


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