The Ultimate Guide To The Pass by Alex Pandrea


  • Classic Pass
  • Brick Pass 2.0
  • Cover Pass

  • The Open Pass
  • Herrmann Pass
  • Spread Pass
  • BONUS: Pandrea’s One Hand Pass

The Brick Pass by Alex Pandrea was first released in 2011 along with the launch of The Blue Crown website. It introduced a refined interpretation of the classic pass, one of the most highly regarded utility moves in the world of close-up magic. Now, 7 years later, Pandrea now presents UPDATED versions of the original Brick Pass as well as 6 other passes taught in extreme detail. In this instant video download, Alex spends 60 minutes teaching the subtleties and nuances that will make these pass silent, invisible, and flawless. Filmed in high-definition, you’ll learn every detail of technique, finger placement, and hand motion to bring your pass to the next level.

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