Tackling Terrifying Taboos 2 By Jamie Daws (2 DVD)

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If you thought the first ‘Taboos’ was scary… wait until you see what we have in store this year!

Following the huge success of the 2017 Alakazam Academy course, ‘Tackling Terrifying Taboos’, we are back with Taboos 2 a two day Academy course. Bigger, scarier and with more jumps than ever before!

Building and expanding on what was taught in the first course, we will re-visit the things from last year with added idea’s and developments.

Following on, we are going to delve into the history books and look at some texts and teachings from years gone past. Make books fall from shelves, watch as a newspaper strangely and mysteriously folds on its own accord and discover how vaudeville performers would conduct dark séances and use Ouija boards to contact the dead.

We will discuss ‘spirit theatre’ and setting the scene. Even in a close up situation, it is easy to set the mood if you know how.

From hypnotic language to theatrical suspense, we will teach you all you need to know to perform bizarre magic!

In the prop section, we’ll be showing you how to age props and the techniques I have used to create some of the props I make. Tarnishing metal, creating cracked watch faces and creating realistic aged newspaper articles, we will even show you how to make an interesting self-ringing spirit bell! And let’s not forget the doll!

Throughout we will have tons of fully formed routines and effects from the well-known and much loved Dark Series, to some new creations in which you allow your spectators to actually summon spirits and provide evidence, let your spectators see through the eyes of a deceased victim and even make clowns appear in a photo from a borrowed phone. I will even cover, in depth for the first time, my handling of PK Touches and discuss PK effects in general. With brand new, never before seen effects, your spectators will be gathering around to hear your dark tales!

So if you have ever wanted to explore the dark side of magic and wanted a comprehensive look into bizarre magic, this year’s two day Tackling Terrifying Taboos will have you hooked on horror!


  1. sweet, thanks!

  2. Volume 2 is too big to be downloaded by normal Nitroflare Premium

  3. Possible to have the newest the 3?

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