Syzygy by Lee Earle The First Five Volumes (5 Volume+Contemporary Mentalism)

SYZYGY Book - First Six Volumes - Magic Methods

Livre en anglais de 466 pages conscaré au mentalisme. Plus de 200 routines sont expliquées !

SYZYGY – The First Five Volumes is the most important Mentalism book of the new millennium and qualifies for instant inclusion on everyone’s ‘five foot shelf’.

Mentalism has a colorful history of cutting edge periodicals such as The JinxThe Invocation, and Magick – and since 1995, SYZYGY has been the premier publication for Mentalists. Editor Lee Earle screened thousands of potential contributions to give subscribers the very best in Contemporary Mentalism.

Now the first five volumes are reproduced in a single, hard cover book! The index alone fills ten pages, listing material by category, contributor, and ­ in the table of contents ­ by title.

This is a hard bound, 466 page, 8.5 x 11 inch format book (with dust jacket).

Over 200 routines Impromptu – Close-up – Platform 80 pages of Professional & Promotional Supplements More than 400 photos and professional illustrations.

« A Who’s Who list of contributors. » – Bruce Bernstein.

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