SHADE by Eric Caraballo

Caramel is one of the most talented and creative coin workers I’ve ever met. The casual and effortless grace by which he executes advanced techniques is beyond inspiring. SHADE takes visual sleight of hand to a new level, and his instructions are thorough while remaining concise. I feel privileged to be able to add this to my repertoire and I look forward to seeing the new wave of coin magicians influenced by his work. Cannot recommend this highly enough.” – Blaise Serra

“Eric’s Shade is a wonderful double spellbound routine that is very visual but also narratively justified. It is not easy to perform though. It will take practice and

time. But isn’t that the case for all great Magic? Highly recommended!” – Perseus Arkomanis

The most visual coin transformations you have ever seen… right before your eyes with no movement or cover.

This is SHADE

Underground sleight of hand artist Eric Caraballo brings you some of his closest guarded secrets for an advanced and innovative approach to coin magic perfect for both live and video performances.

No Gimmicks, Fully- Examinable, Absolutely Mind-Blowing 🤯

You will learn:

  • Multiple eye-catching productions
  • The iconic SHADE change
  • One- Handed Transformation
  • The #Snapback change

As well as alternate endings and thorough practice/ performance tips so you can begin performing these powerful routines as quickly as possible

Your audiences won’t be able to handle all this SHADE

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