Reinhard Muller – The Okito System

The Okito System with Reinhard Muller Learn from one of the best as Reinhard Muller teaches you many different routines using the Okito System. This VHS video includes: Turning the Box – Simple Tipover, Billiard Turnover, Elementary Turnover, Okitiere two-handed, Little Finger Tipover, Master Move , etc Stealing a Coin – (from an upside down box) Classic Method, The Shift Transfer, Backhand, etc Stealing a Coin – (from an upright box) Lid Flight, Head Over Heels, Lid Slide, etc Loading the Box – (in an upside down box) Direct Load Loading the Box – (in an upright box) Elementary Lid Load, Lid Tip, Head Over Heels, etc Reversing an Upside Down Box – Finger Revolve, Billiard Revolve, Drop Revolve, etc Practical Applications – Sandwich Routine, Copper-

Silver, Deck Penetration, Box and Glass Penetration, Penetration into Glass, Transposition, Transformation Win multiple auctions and save on shipping!

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