Pip Sleek 2.0 by Kyle Purnell

Visually move the ink across a card without touching it. No gimmicks, no trick cards, animate a pip on a card with a borrowed deck. From the devastatingly clever mind of Kyle Purnell, this moving pip effect will make your audience swear they are hallucinating. This is Pip Sleek 2.0.

Here’s what happens:

The magician removes an ace and a two from a deck of cards. One is openly placed in the middle and the other is placed in top. The magician tells the audience that they will use sleight of hand to

make the cards change places. In the blink of an eye the cards visually change places. The magician tells their audience that they will make the cards change places again, but with magic. The ace is placed on top of the deck, and the two is placed face down on the ace so the audience can still see the pip in the center of the card. With a gentle shake the ace slowly moves across the card. With a gentle rub the indexes on the ace transform into the two. Incredibly after the ace transforms into the two it just as suddenly transforms back into the ace. As a kicker the magicians visually fuses the ace and the two into a three of the same suit.

This beautiful update to Kyle’s original Pip Sleek effect is one of the most amazing moving ink tricks you can do with an ordinary deck. Now it is performed without cover, and no need to use your finger to drag the pip on the cards because it visually moves on it’s own. Taught in full detail by Kyle Purnell, the effect is as rewarding to learn as it is to perform. The best part of the effect is that it can be done with a borrowed deck. This trick is pure sleight of hand and pure fun. Get the ink on your cards moving around today with Pip Sleek 2.0.

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