One Second by Dani DaOrtiz (ACAAN Project #11)

Double Card At Number

In Lesson 11 of The ACAAN Project, Dani truly puts the magic in the spectator’s hands and finds the same card at the same number twice! Two Decks are introduced. One deck is handed out to be shuffled by a group of people and a card is chosen. The second deck is handed to a spectator. They begin dealing through that deck until another spectator calls out stop. The card at that position is removed from the deck. The spectator starts dealing through this deck again until a second, third, and fourth spectator also calls stop and select their cards. The four selected cards are added

together and their sum is totaled. That number is counted down in the first deck that was shuffled by the group and the card selected at the very beginning of the trick is impossibly discovered. Just when the audience thinks the trick is over the deck the four cards were selected from is also counted and the selected card is also found at the same number. Incredibly, the selected card is discovered at the same number in both of the decks.

This lesson, just about an hour in length, includes a spectacular card effect with two completely ordinary decks, an incredible multi-card force, and Dani’s world-famous bluffing technique. Key takeaways for the student are:

One Second For The Magic Technique In The Spectators Hands
One of Dani’s most powerful techniques is the ability to give the audience lots of apparently free choices. It seems impossible that anyone could control the selection of multiple cards during a chaotic process, and yet Dani is able to clearly break down the exact methodology and psychology behind this incredible multi-card force.

Putting The Magic In Their Hands
Not only do you learn the One Second For The Magic Technique, but you will also learn to put this incredible force in the hands of the audience. This isn’t just a small change to a technique. It is a master class in controlling the actions of multiple spectators. This is a valuable psychological technique for any magician who wants to wield true power.

False Count
Dani’s ability to bluff count is legendary among magicians. Anyone can pretend to count three cards as four. Dani regularly counts any number of cards displaying them as any amount he wants them to be. The False Count is great as an effect, but it is also an incredible tool to get out of trouble in those rare moments when something has gone wrong. This is quite possibly one of the most valuable techniques in the entire course.

Lesson Eleven of The ACAAN Project teaches the student an amazing way of controlling the actions of the audience, a powerful bluffing technique, and a stunning double card at number. In addition to learning Dani’s incredible insights into forcing multiple cards, you’ll become privy to the secrets that make the magic of Dani DaOrtiz so disarmingly devastating. It’s time to go to school with Dani DaOrtiz in lesson eleven of The ACAAN Project

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