Peek Performances by Richard Busch

The ultimate treatise on securing secret information: center tears, book tests, card peeks, billets and psychological forces; even an impromptu Mother Of All Book Tests.

Peek Performances is a must-have! The most creative and original look at billets and peeks in years!Ted Karmilovich, Jr., Creator of the Mother Of All Book Tests

If you want the real work, take the time to carefully read what’s inside.Ford Kross, Psychic Entertainer and Hypnotist, Author of Suggestive Mentalism

In a clear, concise and easy to read manner, Mr. Busch covers one of the most important subjects to our art…the secret gathering of information and, just as important, the revelation of

this information to our audiences. No props, no convoluted plot line or long sequenced, boring tricks, just clear, direct, to the point effects that look as close to real mind reading as one can possibly get. This is a book designed to give you lesson after lesson to be read, digested and developed, year after year.”Paul Alberstat, Canada’s Leading Mentalist

Pages: 209 – Hardbound with Dust Jacket

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