Mysteries of the Box by Mario Tarasini

This is a series of tricks I have created in 2 years.

In the file you will find 4 tricks that are compatible with each other.

Flying Ghost

I present to you a packet miracle!


The Spectator selects one card and signs it.

The Magician picks up the signed card and pushes it through the box.

The magician takes the coin and drops it in the box and…

…the coin goes through the signed card and falls through the bottom of the box!

The Spectator can check everything before and after the trick!

  • No threads
  • No magnets
  • No nothing,/li>

Illuminator Change

I present to you one of the most mysterious card changes!

The card is placed in the Card Box and it instantly turns into another!

After the change the Card Box can be handed out for examination.

A very clever gimmick allows the trick to be performed extremely clean.

No magnets

Nothing extra in a Card Box

The card change can be added in your favorite routine

Limited only by your imagination…

Tik Tok


Show an empty TicTac box and a coin. Visually toss the coin in to the box and the coin will melt through it!!!

Upon learning the secret, you will immediately want to rush out and perform it.


Spectator chooses one card and signs on it.

The selected card is placed in the middle of deck and the deck in to the box.

The magician puts a joker behind a box of cellophane and… the joker turns into a card chosen by the spectator!!!

The trick is almost impromptu.

One second of preparation and you have a trick you will be able to perform many times.

The Box can be given to the spectator before and after the trick.

Download now!

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