Past Present Future by Rick Lax

“The most powerful trick I’ve ever created” -Rick Lax

“Killer routine” -Oz Pearlman

“People will believe this is something you can really do” -Justin Flom

“This is a beautiful effect. Evocative. Intimate. Clear. Powerful.” -Chris Philpott


It’s taken four years for Rick Lax’s masterpiece to arrive, and it was well worth the wait. What started as a single hand-made prototype has become a full-blown reputation maker that could easily be the ONLY trick you do. It’s more than a trick — it could define your entire act. Its creates the kind of experience that transforms you from magician to mystic.

Sharing insights about your spectators’ past, their present and finally their future, you weave together the story of their lives. A story that grows more and more powerful until finally you prove that no matter how random the universe seems, their fate and free-will are inseparable and intertwined.

All 3 cards are genuinely a free choice, which means a) the performance is different every time, b) because the cards do all the work, you can focus purely on performance, and c) the outcome truly is personal.

Manuacturer Says

Your purchase of Past Present Future includes: * Special Tarot Cards. Printed in Germany, then hand-crafted in Canada and finally assembled by Penguin here in the USA. * A Specialized Tarot Card Box, which contains a secret ‘cheatsheet’ that will allow you to give masterful readings, even if you’ve never done it before. * An hour of instruction from Rick Lax

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