MindVention 2021 – Timon Krause Workshop (Video+PDF)

MindVention 2021 – Timon Krause Workshop (+ all pdf files) –  erdnasemagicstore


Join Timon Krause for an online workshop event exclusive to MINDvention 2021.

Over the course of this extensive workshop, you will:

-> learn a range of unreleased effects (including Timon’s Which Hand effect as seen on Fool Us!, as well as his solution to the speed counting effect)

-> be made familiar with essential theories of performance psychology
-> discuss Timon’s approach to the philosophy of magic
-> be taught different practical theatre techniques to up your performance game
-> discover Timon’s process for extending your script-writing and creativity skills

Timon aims to provide you with the tools to express yourself through your art, whatever that may mean to you individually. His signature mix of practical effects and highly useful theory is sure to aid you on that path.

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