Luke Jermay – T.S Principle (All PDF)

T. S Principle - Instructional Manual, Print Ready Props & Customisable Templates

T. S Principle – Instructional Manual, Print Ready Props & Customisable Templates

The T.S Principle is a utility tool that allows the performer to casually introduce a collection of images as a selection field in a logical and conversational fashion.  This opens the door to countless performance pieces.  Three routines are included, described in a 30 page PDF instructional manuscript complete with print ready props as well as template files to create your own custom ready to use props for your own unique routines.  

The perfomer introduces an article he recently read on the internet. The article features interesting information about a theme, that serves to set up the premise of the effect to be performed.  The article also suggests a “test” that the reader try, to test their own abilities, using a series of pictures and instructions.

The performer tears the article into smaller pieces, so one image is on one piece, forming a small packet of images that can be mixed and used much like a pack of cards.

Incredibly thanks to the clever design and natural tearing process explained the images are automatically delivered into the performers hand as a packet arranged in a known/desired order allowing the stack of papers to be used as a stacked deck!  You literally ‘build’ the stack in front of the audience in an utterly natural and highly deceptive manner. 

Included in the download are three ready to perform routines, with “print at home” props included.  These routines offer different styles of performance pieces ranging from direct demonstration of mind reading themed around movies. A very direct demonstration of remote viewing frames around an article about “Psychic Spies” and a three phase “instant memory” demonstration framed around an article about improving your memory.  Each is simple to perform, direct and impressive.

Also included is a PDF guide allowing you to design your own unique layouts to create your own custom props for any routine using any set of images you can imagine.  Additionally an interactive template in Adobe InDesign format is included.

With this utility item, you are able to say goodbye to using unjustified and strange blank cards with words or images printed on them! Instead you are able to introduce images, themes and ideas, in a logical, conversational manner wrapped within a highly deceptive process which delivers those images into a stack under the most disarming and innocent appearing process.

This exclusive instructional package offers not only three tricks that are fun and easy to perform and highly impressive to witness but a concept and templates that transforms this download into a powerful tool for the creative performer to bring original, personalised miracles limited only by their imagination to life.

Included inside the exclusive download are 6 files: A 33 page, 4873 word, instructional PDF file describing the techniques and three routines in detail as well as how to use the template to create your own layouts.  3 print ready props to use for the routines described.  A PDF guide file to create your own custom props in any desktop publishing software and an Adobe InDesign interactive template to create your own props using InDesign software.

Full performance rights are granted with purchase in any and all settings.  Templates created are for personal performance only and marketing rights of props created using the concept are not granted.

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