Liam Montier 2 Day Self Workers Course Instant Download (only Premium)

Liam Montier 2 Day Self Workers Course Instant Download

Liam Montier is know for his powerful card magic and on this two day Academy Course Liam is going to share with you some of his favourite self-working masterpieces.

This course is ideal for the beginner as well the pro that wants to add some additional weapons to their repertoire.

This is the first time Liam has does any online course and it’s going to be amazing!

Make sure you book your ticket now to secure your seat.

Join Liam Montier on an extensive 2 day course covering Self Working Card Magic,

where he will be teaching you not only some of the best card tricks you have EVER seen – self-working or not – but also the full ‘ins and outs’!

As well as the full methods behind these routines, Liam will also teach you everything that makes the routines work, including how to routine separate tricks together for both theatrical and methodological advantages, how to conceal the self-working procedures and methods, how to present the tricks in a way that suits your personality and style, and maximise their strengths whilst hiding their limitations.

Whether you have just started learning card magic, or if you are professional, there’s

much to learn and enjoy from Liam’s brand new course, and you will learn to fool and

entertain friends, family, paying clients and even magicians!

Course Contents…

Day 1 – The Routines.

Follow along as Liam demonstrates and explains 2 complete professional card acts, with

no moves, sleights, maths or memory work – one that you can have in your pocket at all times,

and one totally impromptu set that works from a borrowed and shuffled pack, and cumulates

in an astonishing version of Out Of This World!

Routine 1 – Your Aces Are Marked, Stapled, Fourmost

Routine 2 – Mates, Gemini Locators, Interstellar

Variations – Laminate, Galaxian

As well as the tricks, you will learn about routining – how to fit tricks together for

methodological and theatrical advantages, how to make tricks fit your personality and style,

how to ‘tweak’ tricks and combine them to make the strongest version you can, and how to

manage spectators expectations to ensure you get the reactions you deserve!


In day two, we will cover a collection of completely impromptu shuffled deck tricks,

perfect for when you are caught on the spot and asked to ‘do something’ but you want to

make it special. The tricks include Maurice Fogel’s Triple Prediction, The Wheel Of Fortune,

the magician fooling ‘Impossible’ and an astonishing card location done over the telephone,

Skype or Facebook messenger!

Then we will cover some truly show-stopping monster effects, including Zodiac

Prediction, Twinkle, Liam’s renowned ‘Henry Sugar’ routine, Luck of the Draw, and much


As well as all that, we’ll be answering your questions, and looking at the theory of the

tricks, talking about how to disguise the methods, how to eliminate procedure that self

working card tricks have, and how to go the extra mile to make tricks everything they can be.


Liam Montier 2 Day Self Workers Course Instant Download (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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