Anthony Owen LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)

“Anthony Owen is an unsung genius.”– Derren Brown

“One of the greatest minds ever to have graced British magic.”– Andy Nyman

“One of the cleverest people on the planet.”– Michael Close

(About his book SECRETS) “A book of reputation makers from the man responsible for some of magic’s greatest reputations.”– Piff the Magic Dragon, Las Vegas headliner.

What will he teach?

This act will play for 15+ mins. It can easily fit into a small carry-on flight case and yet contains four incredibly powerful perfomance pieces. This is the act which has taken Anthony aound the world from London to Las Vegas and has amazed, shocked and entertained audiences every time. Now – if you listen carefully to the information he shares – you can do the same. Items from this act are being perfomed every night in the working repertoires of leading professional magicians around the world. These are not pipe-dreams. These are professional performance pieces. While you’ll see them performed in a stand-up platform environment some of this material will also work perfectly in a close-up intimate environment too. Anthony will clearly explain how to adjust the material to make it work for you all in situations.

Natural Lottery 2018- This is Anthony’s ultimate version, with a new gimmick design and handling which has been improved further since its acclaimed publication in his book SECRETS. This particular version has never been taught before in video format.

Number at Card- Anthony’s classic version of the Card at Number effect. Acclaimed by many as one of his greatest creations. For Penguin Magic he will be explaining further thoughts and improvements on video for the first time ever.

America’s Next Top Magician- A fun interactive mentalism routine involving the entire audience. First time explained on video.

Psycho Quiz Prediction- A killer routine in which you predict in advance the answers a specator will give to a magazine psychological test. Anthony will also be revealing additional bonus ideas about this effect which he has never revealed on video before.


Who is he?

Anthony Owen is recognised by his peers as one of the world’s most creative magicians. He is a past winner of the David Berglas Award. He has worked behind the scenes as a creative consultant and / or Executive Producer for many of the world’s top magicians, including Derren Brown, Penn and Teller and Dynamo. He is particularly known for his work in the field of mentalism and it is this which he will be sharing in this special Penguin project.

Past winner of the David Berglas Award from the British Magical Society. Also awards from The Magic Circle in London, including Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star.

Winner of multiple awards (BAFTAs, Rose D’or, Royal Television Society, National Reality Television Award) for his work as Creator and Executive Producer of UK television magic shows and specials.

Author of over twenty books on magic, including the recently published ‘Anthony Owen’s SECRETS’ which has been acclaimed with five star reviews from magazines, websites and magic blogs around the world.

Anthony Owen LIVE ACT (Penguin LIVE) (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )


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