Lewis Le Val – Black Rabbit Vol. 4 – Frequency (Video+PDF)

One of the finest things a mentalist can do is to temporarily empower their spectator with heightened mental or intuitive abilities.

Frequency allows you to do exactly that.

Perfect for an opening effect or even saved for the curious onlooker, this incredibly easy yet powerful piece of mentalism is sure to become a permanent feature in your walk-around set.

Frequency is themed around the use of sound to seemingly alter your spectator’s brain function, allowing them access to greater intuitive awareness for a short time, just long enough for them to

correctly identify which coin is concealed in your hand, three times in a row. 

What makes this routine so unique is the completely original presentation, straightforward method with absolute minimal sleight of hand, and well structured handling, allowing you to have the coins examined at the beginning, as well as ending completely clean. 

This routine does require the use of an inexpensive coin gimmick, available at any magic shop, although in the download, Le Val talks about a handful of alternatives that you can make from home. 

The coins you use don’t even need to match your country’s currency, as Le Val’s universal justification means that a variety of coins can be used, regardless of their origin.

Finally, as a bonus, you will also receive a PDF from Silvia Stjärna detailing her handling of Frequency using a Quiver purse and ordinary, ungimmicked coins.

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