Lewis Le Val – Black Rabbit Vol. 5 – The Spirit of The North

In this volume, Le Val brings some serious ‘out of the box’ thinking with his completely unique routine, Spirit Of The North.


Here’s what happens. A written prediction is given to your spectator to keep in their pocket until the end. You never touch it again. 


Four business cards are shown, each with a different animal spirit (or anything you like) written on them. 


One by one with entirely free choices, your spectator chooses a location for each card; in front of them, behind them, either side of them, etc. 


Once all four cards have been placed, your spectator reads the prediction out loud. It names the animal spirits, and the compass direction each one represents. 


Finally, your spectator opens the native compass app on their phone, revealing that they have correctly chosen the placements of each of the cards, matching the prediction perfectly!


Each point of the compass aligns directly with the cards/animal spirits detailed in the prediction. 


In this download, Le Val teaches a method suitable for any performance situation, which uses only four business cards and a pen. He also provides a variation of this method, giving you some options to choose from. Lastly, he teaches a parlour/stage method too. 


Spirit Of The North is easy to perform, utilising only basic sleights and simple concepts. The parlour method does use an age old mentalism gimmick that you probably already own, but everything else is impromptu. 


There are no special apps or tampering with devices, the compass is completely legit, and finally, the routine is entirely customisable. Anything can be written to suit your performance style, and it can be performed in any language, in any part of the world. 

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