John Guastaferro – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

We are e’namored with John Guastaferro’s style of magic: smooth, relatable, visual, and compelling. Imagine a mix between John Bannon, Paul Harris, and Allan Ackerman, with an added artistic ingredient. John’s magic is, above all, streamlined and silky smooth, and there is nearly always a compelling presentational angle. John G is not only an exemplary magician and frequent performer at the Magic Castle, but he is also an accomplished guitarist and motivational speaker.

We welcome John G. to Masterclass: LIVE and look forward to what he will bring to this platform. John G.’s magic is highly accessible, so each week you will learn effects you can and will USE in a

performance setting. And as John has both performed and lectured in the virtual world, some of what he shares will be directly applicable in your virtual performance work. The emphasis will be on his unique brand of card magic, and the curriculum will be a mixture of his most popular effects, deep cuts, and previously unpublished work.


Vanishing Ink
Truth in Advertising
Fairly Tale Frogs
All About Perception
Poker Chips
Artistic Prediction
Lost & Found

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