Joe Rindfleisch LIVE (Penguin LIVE) (Re Upload nitroflare)

“Consistently creative, innovative, and remarkable work.”Dan Harlan

“In rubber band magic, Joe inspires me the most and is definitely the most influential and contributory magician in this century. Don’t miss out on his lecture!”Hanson Chien

“I’ve always been influenced by Joe Rindfleisch. He still inspires me by creating new concepts and genres using nothing but rubber bands. It’s amazing how a simple object can be so powerful in his hands!”Marcus Eddie

What will he teach?

In this rubber band only lecture, Joe Rindfleisch will perform and teach more than twenty of his original rubber band effects. The material will be separated into three separate acts, and there will be something for everyone. Joe will cover routines for beginners as well as seasoned rubber band enthusiasts.

Act I

Rubber Band Up Nose: A rubber band is held at the fingertips and snorted into the performers nose.

Snack: Joe swallows a rubber band then brings it back.

JoDan Link 2.0: Joe’s improved version of Impromptu linking rubber bands.

Remote Link: Perform the linking rubber bands in the spectator’s hands.

Interweave 2.0 & Twisted: a multi-phase routine were two bands penetrate one another.

One t(w)o One: A rubber band is caused to split into two and then merges back into one.

Ultimate Jump: A rubber band is wrapped around the first and second fingers and impossibly jumps to the second and third and fourth fingers while spectators hold onto the tips of the fingers.

Act II

Squeaker: An amazing new way to use a squeaker.

Double Jump: An amazing effect where a band jumps from one hand to the other, twice!

New Thumb Penetration: An updated and improved way to do the classic thumb penetration.

All Thumbs: Cause a rubber band to penetrate through both thumbs.

Hang Man: A two-part routine where a rubber noose is placed around the finger and it magically escapes.

Tight Jump: A rubber band is wrapped around the first finger of one hand and jumps to the first finger of the other.

Bustin’ Knuckles: A Multi-phase routine where a rubber band passes right through the fingers. Each time becoming Progressively more difficult.


Square: Joe teaches one of his brand new 3D Designs

Streamlined Crazy Joe Handcuffs: Joe shares many new ideas on Arthur Setterington’s penetrating bands.

panS! Reload: A new take Joe’s broken and restored rubber band. Jumper: Magically pluck a knot off and return it to the rubber band.

Rubber Exchange: Cause two rubber bands to magically change places over and over again.

The Gift: Joe teaches an improved method of his best selling effect.

By the way, you might want to consider purchasing some of Joe’s special bands so you can follow along with props in hand. Joe’s bands, treated with his special compound “Elastraflex”, are stronger, stretch further, and will make the learning curve less steep.

Who is he?

Joe has been creating some of the most visually appealing magic for more than twenty-five years. His original effects have appeared in magical periodicals like Apocalypse, Trapdoor, Precursor, Minotaur, MAGIC and Genii. Stephen Minch authored a book of Joe’s rubber band effects in Elastrix Volume II. In addition to his published material, Joe has produced twelve DVD’s and Digital downloads.

In the past few years, Joe has taken the art of Rubber band magic to new heights. Using nothing more than a few rubber bands, he recently received a standing ovation at Obie’s 4F Convention for his act with rubber bands. Joe also produces the very best rubber bands coated with Elastraflex. Currently there are fifteen different colors of bands in his product line.

Joe lives in Nutley, NJ with his wife and four children.

Joe Rindfleisch LIVE (Penguin LIVE)
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