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Rubber Delusion by Joe Rindfleisch

Eight AWESOME effects with one deceptive and simple utility move.

So much is possible with so little. Just one easy move and you can do a large variety of effects.

Crazy Capture:Imagine placing a rubber band on your hand with a closed fist, tapping the rubber band with your thumb and index finger and in less than a second it escapes from your closed fist and is now on the two fingers of your other hand.

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Joe Rindfleisch – Rubber Morph

Ever since it appeared on the Rainbow Rubber Band trailer people have been asking for this color change. Now you can learn this visual piece of magic.
In this download you will learn Hanson Chien’s amazing rubber band color change. Joe Rindfleisch has included two effects that utilize this change. Mind Morph mixes Magic and Mentalism to create an amazing reaction. Color morph is an impromptu routine that allows you to vanish a band and have it change places with another. Great reactions on this one!
This is a must have if you do any rubber band magic!

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The Gift by Joe Rindfleisch

Joe Rindfleisch has done it again. Now you can leave your spectators a gift to remember you by.
Joe has packed in a lot of magic in this download. He also teaches a version of Jumper which by its self is worth the price of the download!

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Dyno by Joe Rindfleisch

“For years I have only performed three rubber band tricks. Now I do four. It’s that good.” –R. Paul Wilson

“Dyno fooled me badly. You could have sat me in a room with a pile of rubber bands and I wouldn’t have thought of this method in 100 years.” –Acar Altinsel

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RHO by Joe Rindfleisch (only Premium)

You will do things nobody believes. For a moment they’ll assume it’s a camera trick, because their brains are going to tell them it can’t be possible… but then… slowly…. they realize…. THEY’RE NOT WATCHING A VIDEO.

Joe Rindfleisch, the undisputed king of rubber band magic has topped even himself with this one. It’s a technique so deceptive, you can use it for color changes, teleportations, even passing rubber bands through SOLID GLASS.

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Bandistry by Joe Rindfleisch

Bandistry is the first item to be released from the magic vault! Joe Rindfleisch is literally “stretching” the boundaries of what is possible with rubber bands! Using only two rubber bands, you can create 3D geometric shapes, diamonds and animated arrows. Each design leads seamlessly into the next

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