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It’s been awhile, gang! I’ve been happy and busy at work, and as promised, have completed my long awaited ‘Thought Veil.’ Smile This complete course has been over a year in the making and is finished at last. I know those of you who purchase it will all love, enjoy and cherish this book! My apologies in advance for the lengthy ad copy, I want potential buyers to be well informed… This information will appear shortly on my ‘Performer’s Only’ page, but I thought I’d be a mate and give some of you something to cry and flame about in the meantime. Smile BUMP MY THREAD! Smile (I make no apologies for being a business-minded person and quite frankly, I’ve produced a little masterpiece with ‘Thought Veil.’ I DO pay for advertising here at the Café still and while I no

longer frequent these boards I thought ‘Oh, what the hell!’ and decided to use some of this valuable, green real estate to my advantage, AND yours.) This will be a hard cover, professionally bound book. It’s in the process of being edited as I type this and all purchasers will receive a DVD compilation of multiple LIVE performances with this material. Interested parties may contact me here via PM or email me. ‘Thought Veil’ is based on over a decade of real world experience, 2,500 hours of professional hypnosis instruction and hundreds of live shows and therapy sessions. `Thought Veil` promises to make its mark as one of the most comprehensive hypnosis courses available and was created specifically for the professional working mentalist. This complete course is suitable for beginning students and the Advanced Hypnotist alike. This course comes in 5 complete sections (hardbound in one volume). Part I – Persuasion and Influence Techniques for the Mentalist. This dynamic introduction to `Thought Veil` is a complete persuasion, seduction and influence course. Together we approach NLP, suggestion, persuasion and influence technologies from a raw and experiential point of view. There is very little theory discussed here and all the information contained herein is based on Jerome`s decade of professional experience and expertise with these intriguing systems and captivating modalities. Topics & Lessons include – Body Language Eye Movements Breathing Patterns Language Patterns Sensory Acuity Eliciting Criteria Eliciting Core Beliefs and Values Creating Instant Rapport 16 types of Suggestions 24 of the most powerful words in the English language The 21 most dangerous words; how to use them and how NOT to use them Anchoring Time Released Suggestions Pacing and Leading Presuppositions Embedded Commands Phonological Ambiguities Implied Cause and Effect Binds Double Binds Hidden Double Binds Hidden Directives Using Quotes Coding VAK modalities Reversals and Double Reversals Protection against suggestion Waking Hypnosis Seduction, Persuasion and Influence A step-by-step guide to using the techniques behind NLP, suggestion and per

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