Peter Turner – The Hangman Effect

From APFYT by Peter Turner.

The power to read minds anytime.

The performer proposes to play a game of hangman with the participant – wherein, the participant tries to guess what the performer is thinking of.

The performer draws a hangman game and asks the participant to look at the chart and try to get a feel for what words the performer might have used.

The performer directs the participant to merely think of what letter they might play first.

The performer then asks the participant if he is confident that he knows the words that the performer is thinking of… To which the participant replies, that he is not.

The performer states that he might have been somewhat hasty and asks the participant to think of a country (it could be anything) starting with the letter that they are thinking of.

The participant confirms that they can.
The performer asks the participant to imagine that there is a giant blackboard between them and is handed a piece of imaginary chalk, directing him to draw the game out on the imaginary board.

The performer asks how many attempts he can have at getting it right – The participant says, one…

The performer looks at the participant, then the imaginary board and correctly guesses the exact country, with no fishing!

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