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Insights by Danny Goldsmith
“Some of the smoothest and softest coin magic I have ever seen. Beautiful to watch.”
-Doc Eason

Insights is an exceptional One Coin Routine packed with brand new sleights from the leading innovative coin magician on the Internet, Danny Goldsmith. The project includes the acclaimed DG Retention Vanish and highly praised Fingertip Fling, not to mention the Balance Production and Balance Vanish among other sleights and variations in this fully loaded interactive experience.

You will learn the ins and outs of performing every move and illusion. Everything is covered in detail during this full-length, 40 minute lesson. Taught online via the quick-learning, DAVE format, you will learn some of the most visual coin magic ever imagined!!

The Insights Routine is a well timed and exceptionally balanced plot that takes your coin magic to the next level. Always exciting, Goldsmith wows his audience with Insights every time because every phase is different and most important… unpredictable!

Goldsmith teaches all the little, important details and the working theory on why this is the best one coin routine ever released!


  1. Please remove my project, insights, from your website. You are stealing from. You don’t have the rights to release my work. You are hurting my family. Please remove it now.

  2. Can you upload Voyage from Daniel Goldsmith ? Thanks! 🙂

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