Fay Presto LIVE ACT

“If you’re in a restaurant and a magician approaches the table, you had better hope it’s Fay Presto. She’s the best there is!”– John Lenehan

“Fay Presto, you are a f****ing genius”– Sir Paul McCartney, Garden Buckingham Palace.

“There’s more real information about magic and performance… than in the reams of stuff all the academics, theoreticians, and armchair magicians have put out in the last fifty years.”– Teller

What will she teach?

In this Penguin Act, Fay will teach you the material that she has used to make a living with, performing for some of the most prestigious and important audiences throughout her illustrious career. You will get invaluable insight into turning tricks into magic. You will see what years of experience brings to your magic.

Effects Include:

Watch Production

Champagne Bottle Production

Burnt and Restored Napkin

Brain Wave Routine

Gypsy Thread

Ring to Anywhere

Coin in Bottle

Note Float

Dry White Wine

Rope Routine

Two different Newspaper Routines

Card in Bottle

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