Hysteria by Chad Long (only Premium)

Coin magic that is this visual will cause mass HYSTERIA with your audiences.

Think about it, four coins are placed on the table in a small square, you wave your hand over the coins and they magically assemble in one corner.

The real question with a trick that looks this good is how practical is the method? Well, thankfully Chad’s decades of performing HYSTERIA has given us a method that is both fun and really easy to do. Not only will you look like a wizard, you’ll feel like one too.

This is a secret that Chad has kept to himself since 1994 and now it is available to you. Get ready to witness HYSTERIA.

Hysteria by Chad Long (only Premium)
Download : Nitroflare (only Premium )

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  1. Please make all the file free version too.but user must past throught 5 link shortener for example adf.ly etc…

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