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Chad Long – Transposition Aces

Transposition Aces - Chad Long - Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Transform, change, and transpose are the three unforgettable climaxes in Chad Long’s unbelievable Transposition Aces. Not only will this routine amaze all for whom you perform it, Transposition Aces is a masterclass in drama. The effect is the perfect opportunity to experiment with building tension and drama in performance. This routine is essential learning for those serious about the craft.

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Okito Reversembly by Chad Long

Okito Reversembly by Chad Long - $2.00 : smithmagicsupply.com

Cards meet coins in this classic of magic that will baffle even the most learned minds of the art. In Chad’s updated version of Roundtrip to Boston, coins vanish and reappear within a brass box on the table. This is by far one of the most aesthetic coin routines we’ve seen, and as such, we couldn’t recommend it more.

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Shuffle Lesson by Chad Long

“I’ve been performing this trick for 25 years” –Chad Long

This trick has EVERYTHING you want. Uses a borrowed deck, is practically self-working, fools everyone, and your spectator actually feels the magic walks away feeling like a star!

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Hysteria by Chad Long (only Premium)

Coin magic that is this visual will cause mass HYSTERIA with your audiences.

Think about it, four coins are placed on the table in a small square, you wave your hand over the coins and they magically assemble in one corner.

The real question with a trick that looks this good is how practical is the method? Well, thankfully Chad’s decades of performing HYSTERIA has given us a method that is both fun and really easy to do. Not only will you look like a wizard, you’ll feel like one too.

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Plucked Aces by Chad Long

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For the casual conjuror, Chad’s method for pulling the aces out of the deck is perfect for stunning audiences between effects, amazing friends at the poker table, and grabbing a free scotch at the bar. Based on a classic sleight, Chad’s ingenious method is fun to perform, and feels great in the hands. This is an effect not to be missed.

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