Homer Liwag – Masterclass Live (Week 1)

Homer Liwag Masterclass Live Review - YouTube

For the first time ever, Homer Liwag will be lecturing for magicians during one of the most anticipated Vanishing Inc. Masterclass sessions we’ve ever offered.

Homer Liwag is an award-winning director, cinematographer and artist that has spent nearly 30 years working directly alongside David Copperfield. He is a master of video and music editing, sound design, script development, illusion staging and theatrical lighting design. One of his biggest passions in life though, has always been magic.

Prior to becoming the co-director and design director for David Copperfield’s live Las Vegas shows and emmy award-winning TV magic specials, Homer was a working magician. He honed his

skills in the bar and restaurant industry and is thrilled to share his most prized magic creations with you, as well as the vital lighting and video skills every magician should have.

“Homer Liwag’s Masterclass” is available separately. However, the best way to enjoy it is as part of Vanishing Inc. Monthly. You’ll get the Masterclass, access to $100s worth of content in our exclusive streaming tutorial library and free or discounted shipping on every order—all for much less than the cost of the Masterclass on its own.

Week One – November 6, 2022 (4pm ET)

  • Flash Rice – Instant bare-handed matrix with finesse and variations
  • False Faro – Deceptive false faro shuffle plus a bonus routine
  • CoinONE – Homer’s most famous release – with new details, nuances and thinking

Beyond the workings of each effect, he’ll be sharing the most important subtleties that make them truly special. Everything from timing down to attitude. The type of details that separate an experienced magician from an amateur.

Week Two – November 13, 2022 (4pm ET)

  • CoinTWO – In depth including non-gimmicked versions, finesse, details, etc.
  • Melt Vanish – A very smooth, silky visual Coin Vanish
  • Bounce Change – Derek Dingle’s bounce change with interesting timings and applications
  • Superposition – A Silver Dollar visually changes to 2 halves and then to 4 quarters – all in the hands.
  • Body Contact – Jumbo Contact Lens routine with a surprise ending
  • Marksmanship – A staple in my walk around set, which includes a large ball bearing suddenly appearing with the shake of a marker

Week Three – November 20, 2022 (4pm ET – LIVE)

Of course, Week Three gives you a once-in-a-lifetime chance to ask Homer anything you want during a live Zoom Q&A. But Homer will also be teaching even more of his unique magic, live.

  • Fun kitchen magic and explanations of some of the “gags” performed in the other 2 sessions
  • Tennis Shoe – a fun moment, accidentally discovered ending to the classic Ring on String routine
  • Carmex – A favorite, unfinished routine he loved performing behind the bar at Illusions Restaurant—with some fresh insights after reworking the routine from start to finish
  • Crash course on lighting for magicians: A quick look on making yourself look good on video – tips and tricks, hacks and no-budget solutions for making sure you look as good as your magic.

And then it will be over to you to ask Homer anything you want. Live. This is a session you will not want to miss.

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