The Graduate by Aaron Fisher

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After causing a selection to instantaneously rise to the top of the pack, the magician repeats the effect, this time in slow motion, allowing the spectators to watch as the card visibly moves upward through the deck.

The slow motion Ambitious Card plot has been proved a favorite among the coterie of advanced sleight of hand men. Aaron has been developing his personal handling, The Graduate, for over a decade. As you can see from he video preview above – the results are striking.

Aaron designed this version for good angles and practical conditions. The Graduate uses no broad arm gestures and allows you to stand a comfortable distance from the audience (no close-talking!)

On top of all that – It looks like real magic!

    • Introduction by Jim Steinmeyer
    • Angle efficient: The Graduate looks good from left, right & center!
    • Aaron discusses issues that will matter to any student of sleight of hand
  • Event though this effect uses no passes, it will help you improve your pass. Crazy, huh?

The Graduate by Aaron Fisher
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